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Corporate Social Responsibility

Portal embraces diversity - it's an essential part of who we are. We're committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, honesty, openness and accountability.

Nurturing this culture will help drive us forward.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Portal is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality, honesty, openness and accountability in all of our activities. We also believe that we have a moral obligation to take account of the impact of our activities on the local, national and global economy, the environment and the community in which we operate.

We aim to reduce any adverse effects our activities may have to a minimum and to make a positive contribution where possible. This policy is non-contractual but sets out the business ethics, corporate values and standards of behaviour expected of our managers and employees in every aspect of our operation.

Our policy applies to all of our employees, workers, managers and directors.

They are ultimately responsible for:

  • acting at all times with integrity and honesty and within the law
  • acting responsibly in leading and directing all business activities in relation to any impact we may have on the environment, the local, national and global economy and the community(ies) in which we operate
  • declaring any interests in other businesses or organisations that may conflict with our business interests or ethical principles
  • establishing our values and ethical principles and determining our business ethics strategy
  • seeking always to uphold and promote our reputation nationally and internationally with businesses and the community at large
  • regularly seeking the opinions of employees, suppliers and customers in reviewing the agreed values and ethical principles
  • taking action promptly and effectively to deal with any situation where our standards or rules are breached.