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3 Questions to ask about your Cloud document collaboration tools

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The Cloud and new styles of working are changing everything.

Your people now expect to work from anywhere – and on any device. But that’s not all. They also want to collaborate both internally and externally in a streamlined and intuitive manner.

Problem is, your legacy enterprise content management (or ECM) solution hasn’t kept up.

And that means frustrated employees are going outside the company – and outside IT sanctioned tools – to solve their problems and help them be productive. All of which creates serious problems for your enterprise when it comes to issues like data security and privacy or regulatory compliance.

If you’re looking to make the move to a cloud content management platform that offers the tools your people will actually enjoy using, then our checklist will help ensure you can enable new work styles for employees – without compromising fundamental enterprise information governance and security requirements.

1. Are all the basic Cloud file sharing features covered?

With your files in the Cloud, you should be able to easily share them with anyone – even if they’re outside your company firewall.

To ensure Cloud file sharing to work for all, you need to be confident you can share confidential documents with password-protected links, setting expiry dates on shared links or deleting them so that files are only shared with who you want, when you want.

When it comes to collaboration, everyone should be able to add comments to documents in a web interface and be confident that mobile support means they can access and review even when they’re on the move.

Plus, they’ll need an in-browser viewer that makes it easy to preview files – Word, Excel, photos, PDFs and more – without downloading a single file.

Finally, you’ll need to be confident you can manage content with ease – organising files and folders, managing versions and of course taking advantage of check-in/check-out functionality.

2. What are the core security features?

Secure file sharing is a must have. So you’ll need to be confident the solution you select makes it easy to manage access and sharing policies with the centralised management of files, security, policies and provisioning so that you can be certain that the risk of data loss is minimised.

End-to-end encryption for content in transit and at rest will be vital – and ideally, there should be an option for you to use your own managed encryption keys.

When it comes to compliance, check for features like universal document search and eDiscovery tools that make it easy to track down files and audit logs/

3. Can users share, view and edit any file – on any device – securely?

You’ll need to be confident that your teams, customers or external agencies can securely share and view files, online or off, on any device. So the solution you select needs to deliver the seamless synchronisation of desktop, web and mobile content.

Tools will need to be in place to ensure sensitive data is protected through the provision of robust access permissions at a directory, subdirectory and file level.

Device security will be essential, so check that advanced security features are in place that restrict access only to approved devices, prevent offline access and prevent data leakage through copy/paste and ‘Open in’ other applications.

Should a device be lost or stolen, make sure comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) options make it possible to log users out and instantly delete data on any misplaced device.

Box – a simple yet secure way to transform how you work

The good news is that a new generation of cloud content management solutions like Box make it easy to bring all your people and information together.

Providing simple, secure file sharing and collaboration from anywhere, Box makes secure online collaboration an achievable and workable reality.

To find out more, contact one of our Box experts today