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Collaborate using instant messaging with voice, data and video

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IBM Sametime integrates real-time collaboration with your business environment via instant messaging, online meetings and high definition audio and video on a client, web browser or mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.


Instant messaging and awareness

Instant messaging and online presence allows you to collaborate and know the location and the status of your colleagues be it whether they are on a call, away from their desk or in a meeting. Files can be shared instantly avoiding the need to e-mail them avoiding mail quotas all within encrypted channels.

Collaborative meetings

Online meetings allows you to collaborate with internal colleagues as well as people from outside your company using security rich features such as white boarding, sharing of files, applications and screens including high definition multiway audio and video from the rich desktop client or web browser.

Audio and video without boundaries

IBM Sametime provides high definition Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio and video for chat and meetings along with Network Address Translation (NAT) supporting Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) and Traversal Using Relay NAT (TURN) standards let audio and video pass through corporate firewalls. All communications are wrapped in TLS to ensure the content remains private.


Whatever your browser, mail client or OS of choice, IBM Sametime provides an integration point for you:

  • IBM Connections
    • Allows you to share files from within Connections in an online meeting and save the contents of the meeting back to IBM Connections
    • Instant messaging and awareness inside of IBM Connections so that you can
    • Meeting and audio and video widgets to strengthen integration between the two platforms
  • IBM Notes
  • IBM iNotes
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM Digital Experience (WebSphere Portal)
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • IBM Sametime Proxy can provide chat and awareness in your internal or external facing web pages
  • Integration with third-party media software be it on premises or cloud based IP services from the rich desktop client or server

Collaborate using instant messaging with integrated voice, data and video

Companies realise the benefits of real-time collaboration as a way for their staff to collaborate quickly and efficiently with one another as well as expanding collaboration beyond organisational boundaries to include customers, partners, vendors and contractors.

IBM Sametime provides companies with real-time collaboration tools with security, integration with other vendors and ease of use in mind so that your staff can continue to innovate and collaborate in real-time.

Expertise to support implementation

Portal can provide accredited resources to assist you, supporting your current investment or consulting with you to build a new IBM Sametime platform or migrate to a later version. We can also provide project management expertise and hosting options should you want to deploy to our cloud or to IBM Bluemix.

For more information, contact Portal today.