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IBM DB2 – The Database That Always Keeps Up

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Today’s IT professionals are being asked to manage more and more information and deliver it with better quality of service. But in the era of big data, this need to handle an increasing volume, variety and velocity of data puts tremendous demands on the underlying IT infrastructure.

With the pressure on to cope with multiple workloads while simultaneously reducing administration, storage and server costs, organisations are turning to solutions like IBM DB2 - an exceptionally scalable database software featuring powerful data management, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

There are multiple and often highly varied reasons why companies are adopting this ‘data as a service’ approach:

  • Data scientists, business analysts and line of business managers rely on rapid access to business intelligence so they can make timely decisions – meeting these needs requires a database that can deliver super fast query run times.

  • 24x7 business operations require data systems that are up and running all the time – that means having a data system in place with built in redundancy, high availability and disaster recovery to handle unexpected events or disruptions. Plus these systems need the scalability to cope with highly dynamic business volumes.

  • Tackle spiralling infrastructure costs –structured and unstructured data can be processed and managed in the cloud, eliminating the need for investment in on-premise computing.

Whether you need to cope with fast paced growth, enable improved operational efficiency, implement truly non-stop services or simplify data access and provisioning – IBM DB2 significantly reduces the cost and complexity of database administration.

For some organisations, leveraging this scalability and speed is making it possible for them to fully exploit and reap the benefits of analytics - or accommodate and support their fast evolving cloud and hybrid environments.

For others, the advantages offered by DB2 include impressive high performance for complex queries, storage savings, improved workload monitoring and management, plus high availability and disaster recovery.

Helping you maximise your DB2 investment

New demands for information and data coupled with a shortage of skilled professionals means keeping up to date with DB2 best practice and fully exploiting the benefits it offers is no easy task. But that’s where our specialist DB2 database administrators and platform engineers can help.

Our expert teams are on hand ith the resources and skills you need for a variety of scenarios:

  • Support for DB2 upgrade and migration projects

  • Optimised day-to-day operation of DB2 servers and databases

  • Interoperability and configuration support between database and applications

To discover more about IBM DB2 and what it could do for your business – or tap into specialist skills and support on a short or longer term basis, contact one of our specialists today