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Portal's Business Analytics consultants have a reputation for delivering high value solutions to their clients. All consultants are certified in their specialist product area and deliver solutions using best practice techniques. A proven project methodology ensures a consistent approach for scoping and design, development and implementation, documentation and training, as well as installations and upgrades.

The consultancy team contains subject-matter experts to ensure that you receive sound advice to solve the problems your team sees over and over again. Our Financial Planning Management experts have a financial accounting background, and the Business Intelligence team has worked with Management Information teams across multiple industries, making Portal the number one choice for implementing Business Analytics solutions.

Analytics tools are helping businesses around the world to turn insights into what’s really happening on their websites into additional revenue. To find out more see our Infographic

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  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning
  • IBM Cognos Social Media Analytics
  • IBM Cognos Express
  • IBM SPSS Modeller

Things that might interest you

Optimise your financial planning

If you are an existing Cognos TM1 or Enterprise Planning customer, you might be finding that:
  • Your planning models have grown organically and are out of control
  • You’re using methodologies implemented as workarounds in earlier versions
  • You’ve got performance or flexibility issues with the software
Portal’s Analytics consultants can help optimise your financial planning by bringing your models up to date.
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Assess your Cognos environment

As a Cognos customer:
  • Do you have many hundreds of reports/models in a mature Cognos environment?
  • Are you finding bottlenecks that aren’t easily solved or errors in your models?
  • Has organisational change meant large scale changes to reporting and planning?
  • Is it too time-consuming to open every report/plan?
If so, contact us for an assessment of your Cognos environment, resulting in recommendations for how to enhance and improve its application within your business.
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Incentive compensation management

If your company has a complex sales structure and compensation plan for its sales staff, you could benefit from talking to us about aligning your financial planning and sales planning systems to make faster and better decisions leading to sustainable competitive advantage.
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