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Information management

From tackling the challenges of Big Data, to implementing a bigger and faster data warehouse, through to deriving insight from social media and marketing activities, our consultants deliver against a proven project methodology, ensuring a consistent approach for scoping and design, development and implementation.

We offer consulting in the following IBM Information Management products:
  • IBM Smarter Analytics System 5710 (ISAS)
  • IBM Infosphere Data Warehouse
  • IBM PureData for Analytics (Netezza)
  • IBM Datastage
  • IBM Data Explorer (Vivisimo)

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Big Data Readiness Assessment

Big Data has changed so much about the way businesses approach data management and data overall. Many companies are considering new ways to use enterprise data to deepen their business insights and extend their competitive advantage. Yet it is difficult to identify where and how to get started: which Big Data projects will deliver the biggest returns with the smallest risk? How will Big Data fit into the existing enterprise architecture?

Portal will work with your business and technology teams to understand your business priorities and drivers, and assess your overall readiness:
  • Assisting in the creation of a common understanding and definition of the Big Data space
  • Focusing on your organisation’s short term objectives and strategy
  • Identifying and prioritising the key use cases according to their business value and importance to your organisation.
Following the Big Data Workshop, you'll receive a summary of findings and recommendations on one or more high-value, Big Data use cases that you could consider employing.
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