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IBM Financing

IBM Global Financing helps credit-qualified clients acquire the IT solutions that they need in the most cost-effective and strategic way.

IBM Global Financing (IGF), the lending and leasing division of IBM, is a worldwide leader in information technology financing. IGF provides funding to some 125,000 customers in more than 40 countries, enabling our customers to buy or lease hardware, software, and services not only from IBM, but from any technology vendor.

And with IGF's Global Asset Recovery Services, it’s helping organisations remove redundant stock by recycling, reselling, or disposing of it on the clients behalf.

IBM Global Financing offers custom payment plans to help organisations of all sizes manage time and money more effectively.

With cash being a limited asset, many organisations ensure they maintain cash for liquidity or for high priority projects rather than spend it on depreciating IT systems. Using finance is a simple way of keeping a healthy cash reserve within the organisation for key projects or unexpected changes. IGF currently finance 9/10 of the top U.S Banks

Portal’s preferred IBM Global Finance Partner status gives our customers the option of different 12-60 month payment profiles. You can choose from a variety of IT financing options to address your unique requirements, while helping to manage your cash flow and assets. 

All organisations are looking at ways to avoid unnecessary costs -many businesses are looking to avoid Interest at all costs.  IBM Global Financing offers interest free finance on IBM hardware and IBM software on a 12 months finance term on deals between £5K and £320K. No hidden charges, completely interest free, 0% APR - IGF can also offer finance on longer terms if required.

With organisations working hard to continually avoid having debt on their books; Finance teams avoid discussions about leases or loans.  Although IGF do not give accounting advice they can explain the subtle differences, many organisations are now looking at leases as HMRC have stated that an operating lessee records no asset on a balance sheet - only the rentals pass through its profit and loss account.

With most IT departments having a set budget for planned purchases, IT managers often don’t engage with the finance department until it’s time to sign the cheque, however forward thinking IT teams often score big when presenting finance options for large purchases to the CEO or CFO as it highlights the consideration given to the business as a whole rather than single departments.

  • Protect against technology obsolescence - Leasing provides technological flexibility and marketplace agility by allowing credit-qualified clients to upgrade to the latest technology at mid-lease or end-of-lease.
  • Free up capital and preserve credit lines - IT financing helps preserve cash and traditional credit lines for other strategic investments and allows your clients to be more responsive to business opportunities.
  • Reduce costs and improve return on investment - Leasing makes solutions more affordable and provides payment and term flexibility tailored to match project costs to expected benefits and achieve rapid return on investment.
  • Simplify budget management - IT hardware, software and services, from IBM and other vendors, can all be financed through IBM Global Financing--greatly simplifying the finance contract, billing and support. Choosing to lease over purchase can mean significantly lower, fixed payments, which translates to lower expenses and more buying power.

Finance Lease (FPO)

For one time charge perpetual licence Software, a perpetual licence will be granted to Client by the licensor. In consideration of IGF’s payment of the Software Licence fee the client agrees to make the payments to IGF.

VAT is payable over time on each rental.

The terms and conditions relating to Software shall be governed by the Software Licence, except for the right of use, which, by IGF’s agreement with the licensor, will be provided by IGF to Client for the Initial Term of the Lease. 

Flexible financing options help your organisation accelerate innovation and growth

After making all Payments, continued use of the Software shall be provided under the terms of the Software Licence. It is a condition of Client’s use of the Software that Client shall comply with the terms of the Software Licence and this Agreement. 

End of Term Notice is not required.

Upon termination of the Lease, providing Client is not in default, IGF shall have no further interest in the Software and continued use shall be under the Software Licence. Any matters relating to the continued use or return of the Software should be addressed to the licensor of the Software.

Loan Agreement

Software and Services

Loans are made for the purpose of paying the Supplier of Products under a Supply Contract. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, IGF will pay the Loan directly to the Supplier, following receipt of written authorisation from Client and a copy of the supporting invoice from the Supplier.

The Loan Commencement Date is the date on which IGF pays the Supplier or otherwise provides funds.

The entire VAT element is payable on loan commencement. The VAT element can also be financed if required.

The Loan is repayable at any time, by providing 30 days written notice to IGF and paying an Early Termination Charge.

For Software, IGF shall have no interest in the Software, and use shall be under the Software Licence.