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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a file sharing and cloud management service offering unlimited storage and administrative controls.

Bring systems together enabling faster communication between teams to get things done.

Improve communications, visibility and accountability while reducing time-consuming email file attachment pass-arounds.

Dropbox conveniently brings together the file management inside a corporate desktop which teams use daily.

Dropbox allows users to access, preview, upload and download files directly, allowing a faster and user friendly response to file sharing as well as a good return on investment. Dropbox Business also allows team admins to set permissions and monitor how data is shared inside and outside the business. All internal and external sharing actions are recorded and access can easily be revoked when an employee leaves, ensuring that all intellectual property remains secure.

Chemicals and Petroleum, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial and Electronics are among the industries already utilising Dropbox, with the flexibility of the system meaning that it suits businesses of any size – large or small. 

An Unrivalled Network

  • 500 million registered users.
  • Inside 8 million businesses.
  • 3.3 billion shared folders and links.
  • 140 billion documents stored.
  • 1 billion files saved daily.

Employee's Favourite Tool for Work:

Dropbox allows flexible access with both mobile and desktop accessibility as well as the option to download the application for offline access to your files.

File sharing and security
Dropbox makes sharing files between colleagues a breeze, as long as everyone has a Dropbox account. Security features also include locking folders that require a password to access, ensuring only trusted members can access certain files.

Fast Updates
Whenever a file is added, deleted or edited from a shared folder, Dropbox instantly updates everyone who has access, which ensures users are viewing the most up-to-date copy of the files.

Tools such as scan and search across receipts, whiteboards and sketches and a robust API that integrates with hundreds of thousands of apps mean employees can be more productive across any device or platform.

Comments on docs or specific parts of any file, including PDFs allow for more precise feedback and streamlined communication. Version history and deletion recovery also mean that users can preview and restore previous versions of any file to easily revert changes.

Industry experts expect by 2020 mobile workers will make up the majority of the workforce. This presents an opportunity for IT solution providers to diversify their software offerings and build strong revenue streams around cloud solutions such as Dropbox Business.

Dropbox Business Video

Viewing Time: 2:52

See how businesses are using Dropbox Business.

​Why upgrade to Dropbox Business?

Do you require a flexible solution where teams can collaborate and access files from a variety of devices? 

Dropbox Business empowers users to securely sync, share, and collaborate on their most important files so they can get work done anytime, anywhere.

Does your business need a solution that is cost-effective and can be upgraded if demands are raised?

Growing a business takes time and resources. Dropbox Business makes scaling easier by giving you administrative control over your entire team’s accounts. And with a flexible solution that helps your team stay productive, you can retire outdated technologies — which results in getting money back.

Do you want better control over Company Data?

Powerful admin controls give IT teams the tools they need to protect intellectual property and with all employees using the same preferred solution, IT can finally keep data in one centralised place.

How we can help:

  • Support with Dropbox integration.
  • Demos to help you understand and navigate the technology.
  • Training to help you gain maximum return on your technology investments.