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IBM and Box

Box is a cloud platform that helps businesses of all sizes securely access, store and manage company files

Transform the way you work with IBM and Box.

Experience the industry’s leading cloud-based solution, helping you do more with your content.

IBM and Box are a global partnership, combining resources and best-in-class technologies to transform work in the cloud.

Box is the world’s leading enterprise software platform for content collaboration, helping businesses of all sizes in any industry securely access and manage their information in the cloud.

IBM and Box are partnered in 3 key areas:

  1. Transformation Enterprise Work Including collaborating with Watson Analytics and integrating with IBM’s enterprise content management.
  2. International Reach and Security Consulting Providing data resiliency, privacy and localisation as well as identity protection and threat detection.
  3. Custom App Development and Solutions for industries Incorporating Box technology into IBM Mobile Apps.

How it can help businesses?

This collaboration between IBM and Box will enable teams across marketing, sales, legal and human resources departments to store, share and manage important documents in a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based environment.

Transform the way you do business:

Advance Secure Collaboration
IBM and Box provide secure and robust cloud collaboration with a global reach.

Revolutionise enterprise mobility 
By combining the best-in-class technologies, focusing on convenience that bring mobility to the enterprise market.

Deliver unified solutions and services that can redefine industries
IBM and Box combine their capabilities to leverage the power of the cloud and gain actionable insights across a variety of industries.

Reach new markets
This integration of technologies helps creates new, innovative solutions targeted across many industries and professions.

Unlock actionable insights for use across the enterprise marketspace 
Putting data to work by combining IBM and Box together with business insights from data analytics.

Box Video

Viewing Time: 2:21

Transform the way your people and organisations work so they can achieve their greatest ambitions.

​Why Box?

  1. Do you find it hard to manage and share files across your business?
  2. Are you losing control of your content and need a safe and secure platform with reliable access?
  3. Are you finding it an annoyance that you can only access files from one place or on one device?

If so, IBM and Box is a solution for your business, contact us to find out more about what is possible.

How can we help?

  • Portal can support you to integrate Box within your business.
  • We can help you get the most out of new or existing collaboration technology.
  • Portal can provide help and resources whenever you need them.