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Inform and highlight insight that drives the best decision making

Analytics by Portal

Analytics informs and highlights insight that drives the best decision making. Predictive analytics and a prescriptive approach help businesses to have a clear defined path for the future.

Portal's Business Analytics consultants have a reputation for delivering high value solutions to their clients. 

All consultants are certified in their specialist product area and deliver solutions using best practice techniques. 

A proven project methodology ensures a consistent approach for scoping and design, development and implementation, documentation and training, as well as installations and upgrades. The consultancy team contains subject-matter experts to ensure that you receive sound advice to solve the problems your team sees over and over again. 

Our Financial Planning Management experts have a financial accounting background, and the Business Intelligence team has worked with Management Information teams across multiple industries, making Portal the number one choice for implementing Business Analytics solutions.

  • Gartner predicts that ‘by 2018, more than half of large organizations globally will compete using advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms, causing the disruption of entire industries’.
  • Good analytics informs the best business decisions by condensing data into relevant, strong and actionable insight and prescriptive decisions. Historically analysis has given a competitive edge to organisations, however it is now a must-have to keep the status quo.
  • Analysis feeds into almost every aspect of business and public sectors operations, planning and strategy; regardless of industry sector.
  • Business Intelligence essentially summarises huge amounts of stored historic data. Analytics produces new information.
  • While a lot of business focus is on collection of data and ‘big data’ – it is meaningless unless it is turned into information.
  • Creating actionable information that will aid decision making and enable a ROI to be attributed directly to the data (and to the analysis created thereafter).

Anecdotally,  90% of data collected these days is not useful to help businesses, and this data has growing costs associated with its exponential growth.

It is important businesses think of the business strategy and questions/direction that is needed – and then ensure the data to answer those questions is collected; but the other data not needed is discarded.

Portal is a unique organisation with experts at every point of the capture and storage of data, all the way through to the relevant analysis and insight, and strategy gleaned from predictive analytics with clear prescriptive direction.

We can help from all stages to gather business requirements, understand data required to help answer these and recommend how to clean and reduce data capture thus reducing overheads.

Mears Group: Improving Services with IBM Watson Analytics

Viewing Time: 4:21 mins

Watch how Mears are using IBM Watson Analytics to unlock the insight in their data, confirm assumptions and find out things they didn't know about their business - all of this while helping deliver better services their clients.