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Exceptional Student Experience

Exceptional student experience by Portal

Exceptional Student Experience transforms the way further and higher education engages with students throughout their learner journey, resulting in increased student recruitment, retention and reputation and providing measurably better outcomes for both learners and institutions.

As a Further Education Leader, Retention is critcally important to your institution. It ensures stability and provides a platform for growth. With the education landscape more uncertain than ever, your role is at the heart of institution success.


With the education climate more uncertain than ever, education leaders are under pressure to deliver growth to survive. Our work in the education sector indicates three key challenges leaders need to surmount to achieve this goal.

With falling demographics, increasing competition and rising student expectations, education leaders need to work smarter to attract a larger share of a shrinking pool of prospects. In the face of such challenges, recruitment has become a top priority for colleges and universities everywhere. And that means nurturing prospective students through the entire applicant lifecycle – from initial touch to final enrolment.


Student drop-out has long term financial, operational and reputational implications for institutions that reverberate well beyond the first 42 days of a new academic year. Our research in the education sector indicates there are three key challenges leaders face when it comes to maximising student retention during – and beyond – this critical cut-off period.


The reputation of an institution is very quickly becoming the key focus area for leaders to ensure sustainability. Education quality, campus experience and progression opportunities are all factors that weight heavily in a prospects decision to join and a students ability to graduate. Our research in the education sector indicates there are three key challenges leaders face when it comes to maximising reputation: competition, expectations and shifting perceptions.